How effective are LinkedIn job postings (to groups)?

A recruiter writes to me:

I notice that you have postings on the LinkedIn Job Boards. I am interested in doing the same thing for my company. I don’t yet have any idea how effective the LinkedIn job postings are.

I was curious how well the job postings work, the number of responses a typical posting generates, and the quality of the postings. Any information or guidance on posting on the LinkedIn job boards would be appreciated.

My Answer:

…about the postings – I post to very targeted groups for the requisitions I have.  The more targeted the more successful they are. Doing the generalized job postings to jobs2.0 for example do not work as well in my experience unless it covers an area that is remote – like some parts of Canada.  Also the timing of the post is critical in order to be seen – that will depend on your audience – experiment with that.  Also don’t think one time posting will do it – from what I can see you need at least three weeks, at one per week, at the right timing to get a critical mass of responses.  I find the quality of responses to be pretty high if the job description is well tailored.  If you are a niched recruiter managing the groups is easier because then you can join most of the large ones in that niche.  Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury so I am constantly switching to get my jobs posted.

Any reader of this post is welcome to comment so this recruiter and sourcer can learn from others as well.  What has your experience been?


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