Niche Sites Gain Monster-sized Following – WF Mag

Workforce Magazine’s latest issue has an article discussing how niche sites are gaining in popularity for their targeted market.  According to Wendle’s research the number of niche boards has doubled since 2000 to 100,000 and these sites are slicing and dicing into ever finer gradations.    The Big Boards like Monster and Careerbuilder have the advantage of having millions of visitors per month, are well known and provide options for search within the site to expand an employer’s search.  Even within Careerbuilder there are specialized niches, taking this trend of niche sites seriously while Monster focuses on search technology to help sift through its enormous database.


Interestingly social media will not be replacing any job board if the research can be believed. and a survey by the Wharton Small Business Development Center revealed that most college students are reluctant to use social network sites for career-related purposes.  98% of student visit Facebook on a regular basis for personal use but less than 35% use it for job-searching.  Of those job seekers using Facebook  about a third feel uncomfortable doing it!  So niche sites is the answer?  I would think that unless they have dollars to brand themselves it only works if the job seeker knows about them, never mind the recruiters out there.  Here is a list Workforce Magazine provided for the most popular sites and unique monthly visitors: for academia; 780,000 for retail; 750,000 for US healthcare and medical; 632,000 for college graduates; 600,000 for life sciences; 311,000 for statistics, sata analysis, business intell and technology; 165,000 for military vets; 110,000 for insurance; 40,000 for public relations and communications; 23,000 for employee benefits; 16,000 for athletic leadership; 5,300 for shipboard hiring; 4,000

Source of above data is from Weddle’s 2011 Guide to Employment sites on the Internet, and


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