Optimizing LinkedIn for Your Personal Branding

One of the outcomes of going to TalentNetLIVE! in Dallas was to hear Craig Fisher, the meeting’s organizer and LinkedIn trainer, speak about “Awsomizing Your LinkedIn Profile” based on LinkedIn research that is not generally known about.

Starting with the headline,  Craig’s advice is to to say what you do.  If filling job openings is what you do, then the word “jobs” should be in the title.  If you work for a company then mentioning that is good to from a search result perspective.

As for the photo – which you do have up right? (40% more click-throughs using a photo) – research shows that for MEN – the off-profile, non-smiling (will a smirk be OK?) head shot works best.  For WOMEN – it is the full face, smiling head shot that is most appealing.  If you have a shot with a pet, as long as you can see your face clearly, that is OK too since it is more profersonal (nod to Jason Seiden).

In the Summary section Craig feels you should have three things mentioned:

  1. Say what you do
  2. Show you’re better
  3. Be profersonal (non-business comment)
  • Provide keywords on your specialties but be mindful of your audience.  So as a person who posts jobs I added:
  • CPG jobs
  • Marketing jobs
  • Clinical jobs
  • Social media recruiting
  • Sourcer


Craig suggested searching Google Adwords keyword helper (https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS ) to search on most searched upon terms by your audience.  As an example. adding “job seeker” to the search bar shows that that term isn’t as popular as job, job search, job hunter, looking for work.  So his advice of having these words in your profile will allow it to come up on a search more often when job seekers are searching LinkedIn.

In your Work Experience area, Craig suggests NOT telling about your accomplishments. Adding a short story as to what you learned and found interesting about the job is more likely to get read through.  You can add one-two sentences about your duties and accomplishments.  Following Seiden’s “make your world profersonal” it allows someone reading your work experience to go beyond the most current job.

Under each job Craig said he adds a paragraph with your name, keywords that cite location, title, duties, awards, etc.

For your links, you add links right? – make the description more salsey – such as “Great jobs at Kimberly-Clark” in place of that long url.  Add your Linkedin url everywhere you can – email signature, blog, guest blog post, slides, etc. since that is a nice back link to your profile and highly indexed by Google.

If you have added an Amazon list to your profile it will tell the reader what your hobbies are, how you keep up – in short – the more personal side of you.  I’m amazed how this list has worked wonders for my profersonal branding – many reach out when I post a new book I have read.

Finally Craig feels you should spend the time to create a slideshows, that should be highly visual, of topics such as your career history, the company you work for in terms of culture, product/service line and jobs and a hobby and how you pursue it.  Post this through SlideShare application on your LinkedIn profile and it will help with your visibility on search engines.   He also mentioned visualize.me – that will do infographics for you based on your LinkedIn profile.  Very cool – these images can then be shared on Google+ and other netowrks.  You can also export it as a pdf file to add to Box.net on your LinkedIn profile.

Craig’s full presentation is on talentnetlive.com and thanks to him, we can keep our profiles fresh and up to date.


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