What would a retail ad look like if it was a job post?

During SourceCon in Frisco TX this past week I was thinking about what one of the speakers said about advertising for jobs.  Think of some of the components of a retail ad (generated by Marketing) for whatever product you can think of – clothes, electronics, kitchenware, bedding etc.:

  • Images that describe the product as well as the retailer
  • Some copy but not too much; most of it bulleted
  • Price
  • Value proposition – why would I buy this? and buy it now?
  • Some information on where to go to order online
  • Placement – everywhere for a limited time of maybe a week
  • Assumes that anyone can purchase their products but making the ads accessible in various channels such as TV, print, website, in-store ads, etc.

But if they followed our typical job post template what would they do?  Be mindful we are now having ads generated by HR/Recruiting:

  • They wouldn’t put an image in it but might put the company logo
  • They would put lots of copy in it and some of it in running paragraphs
  • They would add that the price is competitive and sometimes negotiable
  • They would add what it is in for for the company and rarely give an urgency message
  • Some information on where to apply online at the very bottom of the ad
  • They would still place it everywhere that accepts the job  template for a limited time of maybe 30-60 days
  • Assumes that anyone can apply to their jobs if they look hard enough on the company website and are tapped into the right channels of advertising

Does it sound like this strategy would sell a lot of product?  In fact it sounds like they don’t want to sell as much as they want to lay out their one-way terms of engagement.

WOW – we can learn a thing or two from retailers!  How could we be more like them?

  1. Include Marketing in our design of job posts
  2. Doing #1 might add more images that show links to other parts of the website – such as “What is it like to work here?” or “This what I do” or “Here is someone already in this job – what they do”
  3. Make the copy bulleted and enough to make them go tot he website for more information
  4. Give an idea of the salary range and other benefits
  5. As the Army says “We want you!” should be the effect in the post
  6. Provide a short link that goes to the job but also another link that says – just register so we can tell you when something comes up
  7. We keep our jobs up there way too long  – two weeks is enough I would think
  8. Make it easy to see and apply – SMS is a bright idea for this; using other portals expands your reach; using QR codes could make it convenient and be anywhere

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