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Greenpeace recognizes K-C as a ‘true leader’ in 2010 Boreal Marketplace Review

K-C was named a “true leader” for its progressive sustainability practices in the first Boreal Marketplace Review of forest products customers issued by Greenpeace Canada on Dec. 14.

The review ranks 23 companies for their action to protect Canada’s Boreal Forest and other endangered areas through fiber sourcing and procurement practices.  K-C was cited for its leading global fiber procurement policy which commits to not using any fiber from the world’s most ecologically sensitive forest areas, including old growth, ancient forests critical for the protection of biological diversity. The policy also commits to supporting initiatives to identify and map these areas.

According to Greenpeace, “The true leaders such as Kimberly-Clark, RONA and Office Depot have responded to the ecological crisis in the Boreal Forest and are following up on their commitments to make a change.  They have taken concrete steps to reduce their forest footprint and to influence their forest-products suppliers to improve their forestry practices.”

More information including the full Greenpeace 2010 Boreal Marketplace Review and the related news release can be found at http://www.greenpeace.org/canada/en/